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July 2015

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Below are my newest works for novels and artwork. My art website can be found by clicking on the artwork. The link to buy my novel off of amazon can be found by clicking on the book cover.

Currently I am working on both new drawings and a new novel. The sequel to the above novel has been put on hold.

If you have any questions about my artwork or writing please feel free to contact me below.




How have you been?

I just came back from holidays and saw all the update on your LJ, and a book. Better, a vampire book!!!*v*. Well, I think it's not gonna take me long before I buy it, so I just wanted to say ythat I hope you don't mind if I add you to my LJ friend page to be abble to follow your work ;)

Have a nice week end! ;)

Re: Yay!

:D Hi! I so don't mind. :) I'll add you too."_

I've been doing pretty well. How about you hon?

Re: Yay!


Well I've been doing pretty well too, except for some troubles in the family but I guess it's just life, so that will be better. And I have a lot of new paintings and drawings projet in mind, so that's good! ^^

I saw your book will be released in august 22nd, since my birthday is the 25, I think that will be my gift to myself XD!

Have a nice day! (I guess for you it's not 8 P.M already, time goes too fast lol)

Re: Yay!

Aug 22nd? It was released last year actually. lol It's available on amazon. :)

Happy soon to be b-day!

As for family troubles...there always seems to be plenty of that. lol

Re: Yay!

Thanks ;)

And hum...last year? Okay, that's settle, I'm definitely not able to focus on anything correctly anymore! ^^'

Well it still can be my present, so at least that's fine XD! And True Blood puts me in my "vampire mood" so that's a perfect timing lol

Goodnight ;) (Oh yeah...it's sleeping time for me! XD)

Re: Yay!

lol that's OK. I looked on Amazon to see where you got the date from. It was released August 22nd...just in 2009. :)

True Blood rocks though I was only able to watch the first few episodes. My husband loves it and tends to watch it when I want to work on my writing or drawing. I don't get to watch TV much. When the kids are up it's all their shows. When my husband is home it's either the kids' shows or his. Usually he offers me the TV after the kids go to bed (I can't stand watching something while they're running about) but that's the only time I have to do my stuff. lol Oh well, sometimes I get to watch something.

BTW...where are you?

Re: Yay!

Yes i saw the date on amazon, I don't know why I thought it was this year ^^' Oh and I'm still in France XD! In fact in Normandy, near Rouen! ^^

And I can imagine watching tv while kids are playing and running in front of you, can be a bit of a challenge! And true blood.... Well, maybe not so much for kids XD, but it's a great show.

Have a nice day ;)

Re: Yay!

Yeah, True Blood is definitely not something for the kids. lol

I've always wanted to go to France (most of Europe actually...see the places my ancestors came from). Tried learning French in high school. After 4 years I still can't speak it. I'm just TERRIBLE with languages. lol

Re: Yay!

Awww your ancestors are from europe? Which countries?

I just travelled a little, I went to england last year, I absolutely loooove it XD! I went to Germany but just for a few days, it's a shame considering I went to college in Strasbourg for two years XD! But it's a beautiful place, so clean! And I also went to venice when I was little...And visited a few italian islands. Great memories from the preparation of the carnaval. It was gorgeous!
And well, France isn't so bad either. I guess when you're living in a place you often forget to look around you XD!

I hope you will be able to visit the places you want to see! ^^

Re: Yay!

lol I'm a mutt. I have Native American (Shinnicock tribe), English, Irish, Scottish, German, Italian, and French.

I love going to different places and seeing different cultures. When I was in high school I went on a student exchange to Russia for 3 weeks (it was a pilot program). When I was in the Navy I went to Guam, Singapore, Thailand, Bahrain, and Australia. Beautiful all of them. :)

Re: Yay!

Well you saw amazing places and you have amazing origins! A lot of places to visit indeed! *v*

As for Russia, I'd love to go there, my grandmother was russian and my father is franco-russian - I don't know if you can say that like this in english, but he is XD!

He went to Russia when he was young but I never did, and before she died, my grandmother lived in Switzerland (oh and yeah I went to switzerland too lol)! I think I know, something like ten words completely unrelated in russian (lol), and I would be completely incapable of writing them but, maybe one day I'll have the time and patience to learn some stuff correctly. I love this language!

I'd love to see the rest of the U.K too, I just love all their accents. And Thailand must be something! *v*

Re: Yay!

I had learned a little Russian before I went. I was able to read in Russian at least (maybe not understand it but I learned the letters). I always wanted to learn it fully.

Thailand was amazing. My favorite memory was riding an elephant in the jungle. Also I got royaly drunk there. lol Hey, I was in the navy after all! lol

Re: Yay!

XD! Yeah being in the navy must have been something too! What job were you doing, if you don't mind me asking?

And I'm pretty sure riding an elephant in the jungle can only be a great thing to do! *v*

Re: Yay!

Being in the navy was pretty cool. I miss it sometimes. I was a gunner's mate. I basically worked on the missile systems, in the armory, and helped with ship's security.

Now I'm a stay at home mom. lol Big difference. lol My husband is still in the military though.

What do you do?

Re: Yay!

Well, I went to college untill last year but I had to stop because the scholarship ended! I kind of have the habit of trying everything I'm interessed in without worrying about getting a degree, so I guess the system didn't really agree with my way of doing things XD

So, after visuals arts, art history, archaeology, religion history and some other things lol, I decided to be an autoentreprenor - I don't know if that really exist in the U.S - but basically in France it's a system which allows you to be your own boss in almost every domain you want. So I generally say freelance artist. (I think I gave you the link to my website some time ago in another post but I'm not really sure.)

Even if it works only for a few years before I decide to get a more "secure" job (lol) it's fine by me, and since I can't stop painting or creating jewelry anyway...XD!

Re: Yay!

A system that allows you to be your own boss? That sounds pretty cool. I wish we had something like that here. Here if you want to start your own business (big or individual) you need money to do it. If you don't have money you can get a loan, but with the economy it's difficult. Most banks don't give loans out as easily as they used to.

I'm trying to start a business with my artwork but it's slow going. With both my art and writing there is a lot of footwork I have to do if I don't want to hire an agent. Doing everything by myself leaves little room for much else unfortunately. Because of the kids I really am not promoting much.

Basically I'm writing or drawing after the kids go to bed. While they're up I'm doing stuff with them (taking care of them, playing with them, etc). When they're busy doing their own thing I'm cleaning or on the computer.

I've found ways to promote my art and get my name out there. But there are so many great artists that it's difficult. Also part of me is a little afraid. I don't know why...it's my own hangup. lol But I'm working on it

Re: Yay!

Well, here it's the same with banks, they don't give money that easily. I find the autoentreprenor system great when you don't want to open a shop or a big thing with big insurances and everything, because that can become a trap quickly. And I'm not really for getting loans everywhere, I find that too scary lol. With this system, you still have to reach a certain level of benefits by something like three years I think or your status is automatically ended. That's why I said that maybe in a few years I will have to find somethnig else. We'll see.

But I understand that it's hard to promote your work, it's the hardest part actually, it's the same for me. And in a way I'm a little afraid too, because I love painting and creating so much that I don't really see myself doing somethnig too different from that. So if it doesn't work well...It's not really reassuring, but I'm working on that too XD!

As for writing, I don't know if I have any talent in that area, but I love it too. Getting published here on the other hand, is a bigger problem. Especially since I'm attracted to sci-fi and fantastic, because in France, french autors in those categories are not very lucky lol!

Re: Yay!

Here there are a lot of fantasy authors. I write primarily fantasy. There's a little sci-fi sometimes but not much. Because so many people write fantasy it's hard to get published. I self-publish through a company owned by Amazon.com. So I get my stuff put on there for free.

The problem with self-publishing is that everyone assumes if you self-publish then it's because you aren't good enough to get published. So you have to really convince people that you're good enough. Also you have to do all your own promoting and most book stores won't touch you.

There are ways to promote and some of them are quite easy. Once I have a few more books written (maybe 2 more...maybe 3) then I'm going to get really serious about promoting. Right now I have about 20 readers which is decent. A few I know personally and a few are through word of mouth. The rest...don't know.

For art it's a bit easier. There are contests, and winning the right ones can land you in galleries, sometimes with your own show. If that's successful then you will probably do well. The trick is winning the contests. There are some amazing artists out there!

There are other ways too. There is an art group that meets in a town not far from me. There is a gallery that runs the group. It's for female artists. They get together, chat, and show each other their work for critiques. Once or twice a year the gallery holds a show with the work from those in the group. It's a good way to get yourself out there a bit. I mean it's not a well known gallery but it's better than nothing.

I'm doing the bare minimum right now as far as promoting. I just don't have the time. If I could afford to I would hire someone to do it for me. But that's expensive and we're far from rich. So at the moment I'm doing what I can, though it's mostly research. The more I learn the better off I'll be. Plus in the meantime I'm getting better at drawing and writing. So in the future I'll be able to not only know how to promote my work successfully but also will have better stuff to show off. lol

Re: Yay!

For art, it's easier indeed, the biggest problem I have is I live in a little town. Being in a big city would be an advantage but life is really expensive, I could not afford it. For jewelry, there are some crafts markets, mostly in summer, but this year with those "family stuff" it's not really the time, next year will be better but you're right in the meantime, there's always research and creating, so that's good. ^^

And about self-publishing, I didn't even know it was possible, well maybe here it's not, but...XD! Still, it's pretty cool! I already read the preview of your book, about 12 pages, and it was a good start so I think I'll get it next week! My birthday gift will be early but I agree with that XD!

Re: Yay!

Some friends of mine make jewelry. They sell them at craft fairs and online. Ebay is good for that. I know a lot of crafters who sell on ebay as a way to get the name of their company out there (popular with those who make bath products mostly. They'll sell a gift basket of their stuff on ebay. If the customer likes the stuff they can buy it at the website).

There's also etsy.com where a lot of people sell homeade things.

I self-published through https://www.createspace.com/. I don't think you have to be in the US to use them. *shrugs*

Re: Yay!

Yes, I think ebay (and maybe etsy) will be my next steps! As for publishing, I saw that apparently there is a french version of Kindle, and there are some other websites in France like thebookedition.com, or lulu.com but they just "make" the book and do not take care of distributing the book, so... I don't know, but I'll take a look at kindle via amazon!^^

Thanks for the link and advices ;)

Re: Yay!

They have lulu here. I looked into them but didn't like them. They'll publish it but anything else (like getting an ISBN number) costs money. With createspace you don't have to pay for that and having it on amazon is free. *shrugs*

Re: Yay!

Well I just looked at createspace, and apparently it doesn't look that good when you're not in the U.S ^^'

I saw an article, and it seems that the shipping fees to France are really high. And also as a non-US resident, you need to obtain an International Tax Identification Number (ITIN) from the IRS if you want to avoid paying 30% withholding tax, so... Well it's not so easy. But it, also say the quality of the book is really great, and it's the only website (from what I've seen) that can distribute your book!

I guess, you just have to choose between having a good quality but taking care of the ISBN number and distruting it, or paying for having it distribute. But there's still the ITIN number, and I don't even know how to obtain that XD!

The french version of the site is not really great. Well, I'm not there yet, maybe it will get better when I'll need it ^^

Re: Yay!

Hopefully when you are ready there is a French based company you can go through. I didn't know createspace had so much you had to do if you're not in the US.

Re: Yay!

Hi! ^^

Maybe when I'll have writen something that I think is worth publishing, France will be more into sci-fi and fantasy, at least into french autors in those categories (one can only hope XD), and I 'll be able to go through a real publishing compagny... I think it's not for tomorrow XD

That's really weird though, because I know a lot of people who loves sci-fi and fantasy here, and french editors really don't like publishing these types of books!
You're so talented!

And you're an author too? We have quite a bit in common!
*hugs* Thanks hon! :) It's always great finding people with like minds!
Wow awesome you wrote a book! This is a dream of mine but I have always been overwhelmed by the bigness of it that I have never done it. I did actually have 4 chapters started on a non-fiction book about Rosslyn chapel and Mary Magdalene with a friend Stewart Mitchell, he lives in Scotland and he and his father decoded a musical sequence they discovered in the cubes. To watch a cool video search on youtube Rosslyn Chapel Stave Angel. Long story short I lost all my work on my brand new computer when it crashed and about a month later Stewart disappeared. Weird but I still really would love to write a book.
You should so write one. Oh and I backup my work every chapter in both an e-mail to myself AND a flash drive as well as what's on my computer. I'm so paranoid about losing pictures, artwork, and my writing.