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July 2015

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We went to the thrift store to buy the kids new clothes. Orion only got a few things (he was being difficult) but Kieriana got a lot! I also got a few things. All in all we spent about $150 which can buy you TONS at a thrift store. lol

Kieriana wanted to model what she got. Orion only wanted to show off one thing. Yeah, I know the blazer he's wearing is a bit much...lol...but he really wanted it and it was $4 so I said OK. lol


Thrift stores

Looks like you got a lot of quality clothes! Although I can understand the frustration with Orion being difficult, I think his new blazer looks very sharp. All he needs is a white shirt and a tie with dollar signs on it, and he could go as Richie Rich!

We too went to the Thrift Store for school clothes. 5 kids, 2 adults, everyone got at least 2 full outfits, and our total was under $130. Can't beat that!

Hope all is well,


Re: Thrift stores

For $150 Kieriana had all the clothes I took pictures of, Orion had 3 shirts and 3 pairs of pants, plus the shirt, jacket, pants, and shoes he is wearing in the picture. I got 4 skirts and 3 shirts.

I LOVE THRIFT STORES!!! lol What I like about the one we went to is they don't have stained or torn clothes. A lot of times we find clothes there that haven't ever been worn (still has the price tag from the store it was bought at. One of my skirts I bought for $5 and the price tag from the store it was bought at said $24!

Kieriana looks so beautiful~! And so much like you! And I didn't know Orion was that old! Somehow I thought he was still around 5 or 6 lol. Not sure where that came from. But he looks sharp in that blazer~ :D

makiwulf is right, he could go as Richie Rich!

Thrift stores are awesome. I just recently got some new clothes there (just two shirts) and only spent $8! Gotta love it~ :D
Yeah, he's 9 now. lol Kieriana is 5.

Whenever I go to a thrift store I always buy about $50 worth of stuff. This time I went a little overboard.
Those are all adorable! I'm gonna have fun letting my tot dress up, eventually.