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rawhippie's Journal

23 February 1978
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Hi, I'm Jessica though most people call me Jess or Jessie. I'm a 32 yr old mom of two crazy children. lol My husband is in the Navy so we move around a lot. I'm Pagan, a raw vegan, and all about making my carbon footprint as small as possible.

I am a very open minded person. I don't try to force my views on other people. You have as much a right to feel what you feel as I do. We all have our own paths to take. I truly believe that each and every person on Earth has a purpose. Finding what that may be can be a very enlightening path. Fulfilling that purpose can be one of the greatest rewards life has to offer you.

What's my purpose? I am very drawn to helping people. All people. I believe that for me that's what it's all about. I'm also here to help shape the lives of two very beautiful people. My kids.

My interests are varied. I like hiking, camping, yoga, fire twirling, Renaissance Fairs, sewing, gardening, drawing and painting, etc. I won't list them all, but these are the ones I like the most.

You are more than welcome to friend me if you wish. I love meeting new people!

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